Wings Rush Forces

Wings Rush Forces

About Wings Rush Forces

Welcome to Wings Rush Forces! This is a fast paced running game in which you will assist a little bird in its quest to save the world. But what about the threat posed by robot attacks, wildlife, and contaminated water? Am I the only one who thinks having fun can be problematic? Your only goal in this intense, skill-based game is to live to play another day. You don't have to worry about the running part. We will be able to progress ourselves after the game starts. Click or tap the screen of the device you are using to perform this blue jump and avoid colliding with objects. Don't forget the value of the rings. See how fast you can go!


How to play

 WASD and the arrow keys on the keyboard are used to navigate around the computer. To use the accessibility controls on your mobile device or tablet, simply tap the appropriate accessibility buttons on the screen.

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