Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

About Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone

In Worm Hunt - Snake game iO zone you play in limited time mode with descending play area or unlimited time mode in a huge game arena. The main goal is to see who can become the biggest worm. Worm Battle Royale is the most recent and free upgraded version of the old popular colorful snake game released in 2022. How can players win in the worm game? Try to accumulate as much food as you can so that you can become the strongest snake in the game arena. You will face competition from a large number of other worms in the battle royale, but you will be able to gain the upper hand if you level up your worm. By performing the tasks listed on the daily calendar and the calendar itself, you can earn gold coins and jewels. Gain experience, earn bonuses and level up your worm to progress in the game. Participate in themed and mystery events, each of which will provide you with a unique prize and a series of challenges.


How to play

The direction of the worm can be controlled with the mouse and pressing the spacebar will make it move faster.

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